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Environmental Education Center "Zapovedniks"

Environmental Education Center "Zapovedniks" is a Russian National Network of Non-Governmental Organizations. The EcoCenter was founded in 1996 in framework of WWF Project "Public Awareness of Russian Protected Areas and Environmental Education".

Our Mission - To provide public awareness and support for Russian Protected Areas.

Our Resources:
  • Thorough knowledge of Nature and Protected Natural Areas
  • 40 regional branches based at Protected Areas and adjacent lands all over Russia
  • More than 350 experts in biodiversity conservation and PA management
  • Close co-operation with 100 Russian Zapovedniks (strict nature reserves) and 35 National Parks
  • More than 9-year experience of successful implementation of international and co-operative projects
  • Support of the Russian Government and business sector
  • More than 60 methodological toolkits and publications
  • Unique database of Russian Protected Areas
  • Strong relationship with and support of international organizations
Web site of Environmental Education Center Zapovedniks