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Public Chamber of Russian Federation

Public Chamber of Russian Federation was formed in accordance with the Federal Law "On the Public Chamber of Russian Federation" dated April 4, 2005. Under the law, the Public Chamber is elected for two years. It is designed to implement the citizens' interaction with state authorities and local governments to take into account the needs and interests of citizens, protect their rights and freedoms in the formation and implementation of public policies, as well as for the implementation of public control over the activities of the authorities.

The priority areas of work of the Chamber are protecting the rights and freedoms of citizens, the development of civil society in Russia, a public examination of federal bills, the implementation of public control over the activities of public authorities.

Public Chamber of Russia the first (2006-2007's.), The first time since the activities of this kind, and became a pillar of support for non-profit organizations in Russia. Through the intervention of the Public Chamber, was able to soften provisions of the law of the NDA, with the active participation of public organizations Chamber countries received state financial support.

In the first years of its existence, the Public Chamber has contributed to the formation and the development of regional public chambers, community councils and similar structures. Its members entered the 35 newly formed public boards in federal ministries and departments.

In order to conduct public examinations of bills, the Public Chamber and the State Duma signed an agreement on information cooperation and collaboration. In 2006-2007 Public Chamber was conducted examinations of more than 35 bills. Many of the recommendations of the Chamber were taken into account when making laws and other regulations. Nevertheless, this work requires improvement and streamlining. Therefore, plans to recommend to the House parliamentarians that all socially significant bills to be passed examination in the Public Chamber, so that when taking into account the position of the public.

Arguing his place in the international arena, the Public Chamber of Russia became a full member of the International Association of Economic and Social Councils and similar institutions (MAESSI), signed the Memorandum with the European Social and Economic Committee.

In 2006 and 2007 the Public Chamber of Russia were prepared reports on the status of civil society in Russia, which became the first of its kind in Russia full-scale research third sector.

December 22, 2007 the first of the Public Chamber of Russia completed its work. Summing up the activities of PC years 2006-2007, secretary of the Chamber Evgeny Velikhov said that: "if the earlier civil institutions were a disparate lot alone crucial task narrow associations, who are little known, did not have genuine credibility and recognition, but now they work - the focus of various concerned sectors of the population, they form the core of expert authorities, they are - a watch, which needs Russia ".

Formation of the Public Chamber of the second ended December 24, 2007.

January 23, 2008 the first plenary meeting of the new Public Chamber of Russia, during which were elected by the Council Public Chamber, the Chamber secretary, as well as Secretary of the Chamber of Deputies approved and amended the Rules PC.

In the Public Chamber of Russia elected a new 126 persons, among them 24 women and 102 men. All members of the Public Chamber have higher or unfinished higher education. According to his main occupation members of the Chamber are: public figures (46 people), scientists (34 people), arts and culture workers (9 persons), lawyers (4), journalists, writers and political scientists (12 people), religious leaders (7), entrepreneurs (9 persons), doctors (5).

In the Public Chamber of Russia formed 17 committees, as well as inter 4 working groups: to prepare an annual report on the status of the Public Chamber civil society in the Russian Federation to organize expert activity Public Chamber; international action on the Public Chamber; ethics regulations and the organization of the Public Chamber.

The main work of the Public Chamber are special commissions that have defined a strategy to address and solve the most pressing problems in their tracks. In addition, the Public Chamber established the Sub-Commission and working groups to study the most pressing social and economic problems of the contemporary Russian society.

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