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Our publications

The Center for Environmental Policy and Culture regularly publishes materials on the priority areas of environmental policy.

Ecology and culture – Russia’s future. The youth movement development.

    Youth opinion, its interest, active position towards any problem determine the exterior of our future, and in many ways – things as they are nowadays. The importance of youth active position cannot be underestimated. Underestimation is the right way to the complication and to the drowsiness of the problem. Download (In Russian)

Ecology and culture – Russia’s future. The youth movement leaders training.

    2009, April, 8-10, Moscow Country Sanatorium «Desna» held the youth movement “Ecology and culture – Russia’s future” leaders training-workshop. Download (In Russian)

Ecology and culture – Russia’s future. The youth movement and the “Earth Charter”.

    Several works of competition “The Earth Charter in pictures: the youth opinion” winners are presented in the album. The Competition goal is the development of the youth activity in ecology and culture and propaganda of ethical principles of sustainable development, which are reflected in an international document: “The Earth Charter”. Download (In Russian)

Ecology and culture – Russia’s future. Student advertisement festival.

    Album is a live response of International student advertisement festival participants to the environmental problems , - it is a evidence, that the trend of the forming youth movement “Ecology and culture – Russia’s future” has been chosen wisely. Download (In Russian)

Ecology and culture are the future of Russia

    The All-Russian action the all-Russian lesson "Ecology and culture are the future of Russia" have been spent on September, 1st, 2008 to all 7 federal districts Russian Federation. Download the Video data for a lesson (In English)

Regional environmental policy (main lines). Edited by V. Zakharov

    The publication was prepared within the framework of the project Ensuring the Procedure for the Implementation of Environmental Policy in Russian Regions launched by the Center for Russian Environmental Policy. It is aimed not so much to summarize the focus areas of regional environmental policy as to propose concrete mechanisms for their implementation. Intended for a variety of readers interested in topical environmental issues. Download (In English)

Public participation in the formulation and implementation of environmental policies: a regional experience. Edited by V. Zakharov, M. Vasilieva

    The manual is intended for representatives of public environmental organizations, decision makers, citizens interested in environmental protection, and is aimed at assisting in the organization of public participation for the implementation of priorities of regional environmental policies. Download (In Russian)

S.N. Bobylev. Indicators for sustainable development: regional dimension. The benefit of the regional Environmental Policy

    The manual is devoted to the development and use of indicators of sustainable development in the Russian regions.
    We consider the methodological approaches to development indicators, international and Russian experience in this field. Analyzed the possibilities and limitations of using performance systems in the regions and aggregate indicators of sustainability. For example, specific Russian regions shows the positive experience of the use of specific indicators.
    Is designed for managers, economists, researchers, educators, persons associated with environmental issues. Download (In Russian)

M.I. Vasilyeva. Proposals to establish a legal framework protecting the environment of regional and local level. The benefit of the regional Environmental Policy

    The manual issued in continuation of previously developed the theme of competence of the public authorities of subjects of the Russian Federation and local self-government in the management of the environment.
    The manual is intended for officials and experts federal, regional and municipal authorities, endowed environmental authority, as well as representatives of public environmental organizations and aims at assisting in the establishment of legal and regulatory framework of environmental protection of regional and local level. Download (In Russian)

B.A. Revich, V.N. Sidorenko. The economic effects of environmental pollution on health. The allowance for regional environmental policy. Edited by V. Zakharov, S. Bobylev

    The publication continues the series of publications Centre for Russian Environmental Policy under the project "Ensuring procedures implementing environmental policies in the regions of Russia" in key areas of regional environmental policies. One of the main thrusts of this policy - prevention or mitigation of harm to human health caused by environmental pollution. To achieve this objective, priority must be to justify regulatory measures, based on current scientific data on the impact of any adverse environmental factors, obtained using modern technologies of environmental epidemiology and risk assessment.
    The publication is targeted primarily at providing assistance to others involved in the protection of the environment and public health and decision-making in this area, social activists and experts of non-governmental organizations.
    Presented in the publication of information about the nature of the adverse effects of environmental factors on health can be used for practical work to improve the quality of human environment. Download (In Russian)