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Bulletin "Towards a Sustainable Russia"

In 1995 the Center for Russian Environmental Policy set about issuing a bulletin to cover and discuss the regional and federal initiatives on elaboration and implementation of ideas of Russias sustainable development.
The most important purpose of the Bulletin is to make available basic up-to-date information on sustainable development and environmental policy to the Russian environmental community. The Bulletin maintains a dialogue between the regions and the center, between the government and the public.
As the work progressed, the following issue structure was formed:
Regional Environmental Policy and Civil Society Environment and Economy Environment and Legacy Environment and Culture Environment and Health. Some special issues is devoted to the actual problems of society.

The latest Bulletins:

# 50, Sustainable Use of Natural Resources and Ecosystem Services
# 49, Sustainable Development: Priorities of Environmental Policy
# 48, Environmental Policy: The Experience of Tatarstan
# 47, Sustainable Nature Management
# 46, Environmental Education in Tomsk Region
# 45, Ecology and Youth
# 44, Ecology and Culture

# 43, Ecology Is Priority for Russias Development
# 42, Regional Environmental Policy and Civil Society
# 41, The Priority of Environmental Policy
# 40, Ecology and Energy
# 39, The Environment and Human Health
# 38, Ecology and Culture
# 37, Ecology and Law
# 36, Ecology and Economy
# 35, Environment and Health
# 34, Environmental Education and Culture
# 33, Regional Environmental Policy and Civil Society
# 32, The Kyoto Protocol and Civil Society